Many people learn to live with the smile they have because they think there is no solution to fix what they dislike about their teeth. The good news is that there is always a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can correct how your teeth look – and the answer is often porcelain veneers. Here are just some of the major problems that veneers can conceal or correct to give you a flawless, natural-looking smile.

1. Narrow Smile

Teeth that are out of proportion can create a smile that looks narrow. When premolars or canines are behind the teeth in front of them, it creates the illusion of a small, narrow smile and leaves negative space in the corners of your smile. Veneers are optimized in thickness, width, and size to build out a narrow smile so it is wider and in proportion.

2. Antibiotic Stains

There are some tooth stains that will never go away, not even with professional whitening. Antibiotic stains fall into this category. Certain antibiotics used in childhood can become calcified in permanent teeth under the gums. When the adult teeth finally erupt, the stains do too. The super-thin porcelain shields of veneers can cover one or many teeth to hide these unfortunate stains.

3. Misalignment

If you have crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth or any type of misalignment, porcelain veneers are an option for hiding the imperfections. The veneers are carefully customized to fit over every tooth and space, creating that long-coveted straight smile. Instead of investing in years of orthodontic treatment, in just a few visits to your Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dentist you can have a straight smile.

4. Asymmetry

The most common reasons for an unbalanced smile are worn teeth or gum damage, usually caused by grinding or clenching teeth or gum recession. Teeth are very strong and when they rub against each other over and over again, it can lead to some short or damaged teeth or receding gums. Teeth can look like they’re longer on one side of the mouth, creating that asymmetrical appearance. Veneers address the imbalance so each tooth is symmetrical in size.  

5. Oddly Shaped Teeth

Maybe you were born with an oddly shaped or too-small tooth. Maybe you have short teeth or teeth that didn’t fully erupt. Maybe you have oversized teeth. When your teeth are not all in communion with each other, it’s an attention-grabber, and not one that you love. Veneers can conceal every aesthetic problem with an oddly shaped collection of teeth through careful customization and application.

Get a Smile Makeover You Love

At Premier Smile Center, smile makeovers are personalized, customized, and perfected until our patients are in love with their new smiles. When you want to create flawless teeth, porcelain veneers maybe the solution for you. But there are also other cosmetic dentistry options that can correct just a tooth or two at a time, like porcelain crowns or tooth-colored fillings. Contact Fort Lauderdale dentist Dr. Charmaine Johnson to schedule a visit and learn more about your options.