It’s easy to talk yourself out of things that are good for you. We’ve all done it, and a great number of people are guilty of neglecting their needs when it comes to their teeth. But you deserve to have a great smile that looks good, is pain free, and functions flawlessly. Through customized full-mouth rehabilitation, you can eliminate all the oral health problems you have and enjoy a healthy, strong, attractive smile.

1. Full-Mouth Reconstruction Is a Real Thing

Full-mouth rehabilitation is the rebuilding of a person’s smile in their upper or lower jaw or both. This series of procedures is designed for people who need multiple dental procedures to repair and rebuild their smile. Suffice it to say, transforming your teeth with the help of a dentist is a legitimate thing – and it’s a thing you deserve if you’ve been living with an unhealthy, unsightly, painful smile.

2. Your Problems Are Fixable

Sometimes people drag their feet about going to the dentist because they can’t imagine that anyone can correct the state of their oral health. Here’s a secret: Your dentist wants to see you, especially if your smile is a wreck – and they can fix everything you have going on. It’s their job to develop a plan to correct damage to decay, misalignment to missing teeth until you have a smile you’re proud to show off.

3. You Don’t Have to Live with Pain

Problematic teeth cause pain. This isn’t normal. If your smile is healthy and strong, it will never cause you any discomfort. You don’t have to live with sensitive gums or aching teeth or deteriorating restorations. You don’t have to avoid foods you love or stop yourself from smiling big. Just one procedure can eliminate pain, but full-mouth reconstruction can transform your entire life.

4. There Is a Procedure for Everything

It’s easy to talk yourself out of doing something because you’re fearful that what you have going on in your mouth is beyond repair. Or maybe you suspect you’ll need dentures but don’t want them, so you live with missing teeth anyway. But there are always alternatives and options – dental implants instead of dentures, a dental bridge instead of dental implants, tooth-colored filling instead of bonding, a crown instead of veneers. The options are endless.

5. It’s Affordable

You know you need a lot of work done on your teeth and gums, but you can’t imagine being able to afford everything that must be done. Don’t eliminate your options before you speak to your Fort Lauderdale dentist about financing opportunities. First, you may not need as much dental work as you think and, second, what you undergo could be far more affordable than expected. Plus, there are multiple ways to pay. The goal is to get you a healthy mouth no matter what.

6. Your Dentist Is Prepared for Anything

Even if you think your mouth is the worst mouth your dentist has ever seen, chances are it’s not. Your experience Fort Lauderdale dentist has truly seen everything, and all she wants is to release you from your discomfort and build you a new smile that works properly and makes you feel confident about your smile. Don’t wait any longer to get the smile makeover and full-mouth reconstruction you deserve. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Charmaine Johnson in Fort Lauderdale at Premier Smile Center.