Technology has helped us progress and be better doctors while providing better service to our patients. Today, I want to introduce our new 3D CT scan. THe 3D CT scan takes a three dimensional image of your jaw, teeth and nerves. Traditional x-rays are two dimensional and thus it does not show the depth of the bone. We use the CT scan for both implants and root canals.

When it comes to dental implants, a CT scan allows us to see exactly where we are going to place the implant. It helps us determine the quality and quantity of bone in the area we are aiming for. It allows us to use the software to virtually place the implant in the area we want and manipulate the angulation of the implant position. It also helps us to determine the size and width of the implant that is needed to fit into the space. From this we can create special guided molds that we can use in the surgery. Lastly, the CT scan shows the exact location of the nerves, which helps us as we place the implant.

We also use the CT scan for root canal treatments. Very often our teeth have more than one root and within those roots there may be more than one canal. This is not often seen on a regular x-ray. These canals can be missed and become reinfected over time. The CT scan will give us a three dimensional view of the entire root canal system so that we can find and treat all the canals.

We are very excited to have this new technology at Premier Smile Center to help us provide you with better and more predictable treatment.

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