You have party invitations, work gatherings, family get-togethers – this is the year you want to make up for lost time, and you want to look good while doing it. One of the fastest and most effective ways to transform yourself is by focusing on your teeth. There is still time before all the festivities to get a smile makeover that will help you look fresh, young, attractive, and ready to celebrate.

Cosmetic Gum Recontouring

If you have always been self-conscious about your gummy smile, you don’t have to live with that feeling anymore. Cosmetic gum recontouring is a minimally invasive and speedy laser treatment that requires only local anesthetic for the meticulous removal of unwanted excess gum tissue and reshaping of gums into a more flattering smile. With every pass, more tooth enamel is revealed, making your teeth longer and your smile bigger for an immediate, permanent, dramatic smile makeover.

Teeth Whitening

There isn’t any other non-invasive cosmetic dentistry procedure that can have such a major impact on your appearance in such a short amount of time as professional teeth whitening. Whether you opt for in-office one-hour whitening or powerful at-home whitening that takes a few weeks to complete, the treatment is customized and the results are stunning. Whiter, brighter teeth that look like they’re perfect, even if they’re not.


You may think, if you have missing teeth, that there is no chance of you getting a new smile by the holidays, but you would be mistaken. It is possible to transform your smile with teeth-in-a-day. This procedure is aptly named because, once your dental implants are put in place, they are topped with prosthetic teeth that complete your smile. Those teeth aren’t your permanent restorations, and you will need several more visits to your Fort Lauderdale dentist to wrap up the entire restoration, but they look so good they pass for natural teeth until it’s time to make the final dental repairs.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

You might be surprised to know just how much a tooth-colored filling can do. This dental solution takes care of much more than just repairing cavities. Tooth-colored fillings can restore cracked or chipped teeth, fill tooth gaps, whiten teeth, replace old fillings, prevent deterioration, and stabilize surrounding tooth structure. A filling is a versatile, powerful dental restoration and cosmetic dentistry procedure. Not only does it fix a tooth so it’s strong and healthy, it makes the tooth blend right in with its neighbors too.


Starting Invisalign treatment now is a great way to boost your confidence for the revelry ahead. Invisalign results begin to appear after just a few weeks of wear, as each tooth is moved slowly but surely into alignment. Because the trays are clear and slim, they fit snugly against the teeth and blend in with your holiday attire instead of adding bling to your teeth. Invisalign is a great way to celebrate the season, because by this time next year your smile will be straight and flawless.

What’s Your Smile Makeover Procedure?

Whatever you want to do to spruce up your smile for the holiday season, your Fort Lauderdale dentist can make it happen. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Charmaine Johnson, cosmetic dentist at Premier Smile Center in Fort Lauderdale, to find out what can work for you and your personalized smile makeover.