For modern couples, wedding preparation happens over months, sometimes years. Naturally, you want everything to be just right, including your appearance. Looking just-so for your wedding is not only about losing weight or gaining muscle though, it’s about perfecting your teeth. A course of Invisalign treatment, starting now, will get your smile in a great place for the big day.

You Have Time for Invisalign Treatment

We know what you’re thinking: Who has time for Invisalign in the middle of all this wedding planning? You do! Here is what’s expected of an Invisalign patient:

  • 20-22 hours of daily wear
  • Visit your dentist about every six weeks
  • Brush and clean your teeth normally
  • Change the trays every two weeks or as instructed

Adding Invisalign into your life is not a time suck. On the whole, it probably requires about five minutes of concentrated attention every day. You wear the trays for the bulk of every day and only remove them for meals, snacks, cleaning. That’s not a big commitment. You’re getting ready to make the biggest commitment of your life when you say, “I do.” Saying yes to Invisalign for about a year is easy.

And that’s the other thing – your treatment may not even take an entire year to complete. Depending on the position of your teeth and how much they need to move, you may be able to complete your Invisalign in a matter of six months, give or take.

Invisalign Won’t Interfere with Wedding Planning

You don’t want your appearance to be negatively affected while you’re shopping for gowns, tuxes, flowers, and food. Understandable. Invisalign will stay in the background, just like it’s supposed to.

Heading to a cake tasting or trying out meals at a possible reception venue or caterer? Make sure you keep your Invisalign case handy and pop out your trays when it’s time to dig in. Your treatment won’t stop you from enjoying any of the foods you want to taste test. As long as the aligners are out of the way, they won’t get stained or damaged and you can put them right back in after you clean off your teeth.

Have an engagement party or photos? Your trays won’t be noticeable but, if it makes you feel better, you can remove the trays for a brief time so you feel like yourself. The great part is that your teeth will already look better than they did at the start of treatment so you’ll look better too.

Invisalign Makes You Photo Ready

The wedding day is full of picture-taking. Brides and grooms smile for professional photos, candid pictures, and selfies. This is a day that is documented – and thank goodness for that. The only question is: When you look back at those wedding photos, will you be happy with how your teeth looked, or will you wish you had done something to beautify them before that monumental day?

Invisalign treatments are often accompanied by a professional teeth-whitening treatment to complete the smile makeover. You’ll have a stunning new smile that feels better, looks better, and works better, just in time for you to get married.

Want to find out if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Charmaine Johnson, Fort Lauderdale Invisalign provider at Premier Smile Center, and learn about our special offer.