Many Invisalign patients worry about how their treatment could get in the way of Halloween. No one wants to have their good time stunted by orthodontics after all. The good news, of course, is that Invisalign doesn’t have to interrupt anything. If you follow a few important rules, your teeth and treatment will remain in great shape and your Halloween will still be a good time.

Take Your Aligners Out When You Snack

Anyone who loves Halloween for the treats could feel like they’re limited in what candy and sweets they can enjoy. But you can eat anything you want if you take your clear braces out first, as long as your sometimes sensitive teeth can manage it. If you eat with the trays in place, you run the risk of damaging, staining, or breaking Invisalign, and that is not a Happy Halloween.

Indulge All at Once

One of the best ways to eat your candy whether you wear Invisalign or not is to chow down all at one time. Eat your favorite sweets at the end of a meal or gather all your goodies together and have them one after another until you’re done. This is better dental care for your oral health, you can brush and floss afterward, and put your trays back in to enjoy the rest of the holiday.

Sip Carefully

Sipping on cider, soda, punch, or an adult beverage with a straw makes this action seem innocuous, but any liquid other than water can be damaging to Invisalign. Colorful drinks of any sort can lead to odors and stains on your trays, and the reason many people choose to wear Invisalign is because it’s discreet. Whatever you’re drinking, make sure you put your trays in their case before you imbibe.

Smile Big

Everyone takes a ton of photos on Halloween, and this year you’ll be excited about being in the pictures. Invisalign is nearly invisible, so you’ll feel confident about smiling wide and showing off the teeth that are already aligning into a beautiful ordedr. Invisalign won’t get in the way of any costume, and you won’t feel like you must wear a mask to cover up the teeth that embarrass you. Smile proudly for those selfies.

Just Another Day

Halloween is a big deal for adults and kids alike, whether you’re a big fan of the holiday or not. Everyone wants to enjoy themselves in their own way, and you don’t want Invisalign to get in the way. If you simply stick to your daily rules for wearing clear braces, you’ll be in great shape and keep your aligners and teeth healthy.

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