Laser Dentistry Services

Gum disease begins when teeth are not cared for properly, but the discomfort and side effects of this condition are always treatable, no matter the condition of your teeth. Laser dentistry, also known as LANAP or laser gum surgery, can get your smile into working order. It’s so important to make your teeth a priority – periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among American adults.

How You Develop Gum Disease

Gum disease develops in stages, from gingivitis to advanced periodontitis. When you see your dentist regularly, you are checked for signs of gum disease and any problems can be addressed before they get out of hand. Unfortunately, too many people neglect their twice-annual visits to the dentist because of anxiety, cost, or time, which allows more bacteria and plaque to gather, and more time for gum disease to grow. Some people may also not take great care of their teeth at home, which sets the stage for infection.

Signs of gum disease begin with redness, inflammation, and bleeding – symptoms that can be easily overlooked or written off as something else. As the infection progresses, pain will come from the gathering of pus and bacteria around the teeth. In the later stages of periodontitis, the gums will pull away from the teeth, causing the teeth to loosen in their sockets, leading to tooth loss.

If any of this sounds familiar or you suspect you have gum disease lurking in your mouth, LANAP laser dentistry can be your solution.

Understanding LANAP

LANAP laser dentistry targets the diseased areas of the gums to reduce inflammation and blast away infection. This treatment usually takes a few sessions to completely treat the entire mouth.

  • Application of local anesthetic
  • Super-fine, high-powered laser inserted between infected tooth and gum
  • Laser recognizes and avoids healthy tissue, focusing on diseased areas
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Cleared by the FDA as a method of periodontal regeneration, which enables the reattachment of gum tissues and new bone growth

Tender, painful gums and loose teeth are not easy to live with or tolerate day in and day out. The thought of anyone working on your teeth can be daunting. When compared to the invasiveness of conventional gum disease treatment, however, laser dentistry is quite gentle. There is no need to move gum tissue, cut away infected tissue, or perform bone grafting.

LANAP is known as the “no cut, no sew, no fear” treatment:

  • No scalpels or sutures,
  • Less pain
  • Less sensitivity
  • Minimal bleeding
  • Less swelling
  • Reduced bum loss or recession
  • Reduced likelihood of post-op infection
  • Fast, comfortable healing

Get Your Unhealthy Gums Treated Now

If you suspect you have gum disease, or if you know you have periodontitis, don’t stay away from the dentist because you’re embarrassed. At Premier Smile Center, we are experts in addressing cases of gum disease. We are ready to help you face the oral health problems you are having so you can go through life pain-free and smiling proudly.

LANAP is the kindest and most effective treatment to stop your suffering and get your mouth ready for dental restorations and a beautiful smile. Contact us today at our Fort Lauderdale dental office to discuss your concerns and schedule an appointment.