You’ve made the big decision to straighten your teeth, but you want to do so discreetly. Clear braces make it possible to align your smile without anyone ever really knowing about it, while helping you maintain your confidence. Both busy adults and determined teens enjoy the many perks of this type of braces, so find out if this alignment method from Premier Smile Center in Fort Lauderdale is right for you.

Straighten Your Smile with Invisalign

Clear Braces Fort Lauderdale

Invisalign are the most well-known clear braces. This innovative treatment can align smiles of all sorts, whether you have an overbite, underbite, open bite, cross bite, small gaps, big gaps, crowding, or otherwise. Invisalign can do just about everything that conventional metal braces can do – and they do it without drawing attention to your mouth.

The most critical part of your journey is finding a certified Invisalign provider who is experienced in developing treatment plans from start to finish and guiding your smile into alignment. Once you’re working with the qualified dentists at Premier Smile Center, you can expect treatment to go something like this:

  • Examination: Before Invisalign can begin, your dentist must confirm that you are a good candidate for the treatment. This will involve the taking of digital x-rays, 3D scans, and other photographs, as well as impressions of your teeth.
  • Development: The plan for your clear braces will be developed from start to finish before you even have an aligner in your mouth. This allows your dentist to chart the exact movements of your teeth and envision how your treatment will progress over time.
  • Creation: The Invisalign dental lab will create your first sets of trays according to your Invisalign provider’s specifications.
  • Prep: Before you start wearing your trays, you will likely have attachments temporarily bonded to your teeth. These small, composite, tooth-colored dots will anchor the clear braces more snugly in place and help push the movement of your tooth roots and crowns.
  • Application: The journey begins! You will be taught how to insert a tray, remove it, clean, and be sent home with your first several sets of clear braces.
  • Check-ups: You will see your Invisalign provider ever six to eight weeks for a check-up so she can look at the progress of your treatment and you can collect your next sets of trays.

Invisalign takes an average of one year to complete, but treatment could be shorter or longer depending on the complexity of your case and how dedicated you are to wearing your clear braces.

Clear Braces for Adults and Teens

No matter what age you are, if you qualify for clear braces and choose to wear them instead of conventional metal braces, your benefits are the same:

  • Discreet treatment
  • Smooth, comfortable trays
  • No food restrictions
  • Easy cleaning
  • Faster treatment
  • Fewer visits to the dentist

These are just the basic benefits of wearing Invisalign. The treatment is popular among all demographics because these braces get the work done without drawing attention to themselves.

Adults can go about their daily lives without interruption from braces, without feeling self-conscious in a meeting or presentation or worrying about getting food stuck in brackets and wires during a dinner or date. Clear braces simply do not get in the way of their busy lifestyle.

Teens who qualify for clear braces are thankful to not have their already angsty adolescence saddled with obvious braces. Invisalign Teen is built just for this age group with eruption tabs for teeth that have not erupted fully and compliance indicators that let their Invisalign provider know they’re wearing the trays as often as they should.

Get Clear Braces in Fort Lauderdale

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