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Periodontal treatment is the careful cleaning of the teeth and gums to control the bacteria that causes gum disease. Plenty of bacteria live naturally in the mouth, but poor oral health care and avoiding the dentist can lead to infection and discomfort that eventually develops into periodontitis. There are many ways to take care of your teeth and gums to avoid irritation, bleeding, and lost teeth. At Premier Smile Center, we specialize in the treatment of gum tissue and have a dedicated periodontist on our team.

Gum Disease Treatment

Periodontal Services Fort Lauderdale

Gum disease is a slow-growing problem, but if it isn’t caught and addressed early, it can develop into a serious oral health condition that threatens both the appearance and function of your smile. No matter what stage gum disease is diagnosed in, it must be treated aggressively to stop the problem from spreading.

LANAP laser dentistry is one of the most effective ways to treat gum disease:

  • Non-surgical, non-invasive treatment
  • Gentle
  • Supports periodontal regeneration which allows for the reattachment of gum tissue and new bone growth
  • Uses a high-powered dental laser inserted between the infected tooth and gum
  • Avoids healthy tissue and focuses only on the areas that are infected and need healing
  • Precise, predictable results
  • Comfortable for the patient
  • Faster than traditional gum surgery
  • Fast recovery time

Teeth Cleaning

Seeing your Fort Lauderdale general dentist every six months for professional dental cleanings and exams will help keep your teeth free from gum disease. When your dentist sees your teeth on a regular basis, reviews x-rays, and examines your entire mouth, any signs of gingivitis – the earliest stage of gum disease – will be noticed and immediately addressed.

Should mild gingivitis be present, the most typical course of action at this early stage is to recommend an antimicrobial rinse that attacks germs and bacteria to minimize the formation of plaque and reduce inflammation.

Regular cleanings ensure that your teeth and gumline are scraped free of the build-up of plaque and bacteria that are responsible for gum disease. No matter how well you brush and floss at home, there is no substitute for the professional tools of your dentist and hygienist. They can truly eliminate the unwanted on your teeth and ensure that any suspicious areas are treated quickly to prevent the spread of disease or decay.

Deep Scaling

Dental scaling and root planing are a deep cleaning method for soft tissue management that also promotes the reattachment of healthy gums to the teeth.

  • Removes decay and tartar from below the gum line
  • Smooths irregular surfaces to make it harder for plaque to adhere to enamel
  • Stops the progress of gum disease

While deep scaling is incredibly effective, it only remains effective after treatment is complete if the patient follows the dentist’s instructions for at-home preventive care to allow for proper healing.

Periodontal Treatment from Your Fort Lauderdale Dentist

Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss among adults. Close to half of American adults have mild, moderate, or severe periodontal disease. As people age, their risk of developing gum disease increases.

Remember, though, that all gum disease starts small. When you make preventive care a priority, early symptoms of gum disease are recognized quickly before any problems can take hold. Know too that all gum disease is treatable – but if you don’t see your dentist, the issue will never go away on its own.

Make your teeth and gums a priority so you will have excellent oral health and a foundation upon which to build. Only clean and strong gums and teeth are good candidates for cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers. Learn more from Dr. Charmaine Johnson at Premier Smile Center in Fort Lauderdale, contact our office today for your consultation.

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